I support Ukraine: So why do I feel like a traitor to my Ukrainian friends?

Russian bombed maternity hospital in Mykolaiv. Getty images

My son is a soldier.

I’m the mother of an American soldier. My son serves in the United States Army and is dedicated to defending our country and keeping the torch of democracy lit at all costs. The motto of his company battalion is ironically “Death from above”. My son is doggedly committed to the task of his trade and prepared to die for it.

No-fly zones come at a cost.

The destruction in Ukraine has been caused mostly by missiles, artillery, and rockets, not by Russian aircraft. Russian aircraft have been generally inactive, so a no-fly zone would have less impact upon Ukrainian casualties and more on sparking a global catastrophe.

Getty Images.

Putin has no red line.

Putin believes that he will determine how far this war goes. He’s not concerned with human loss — not even with that of his own soldiers. The deaths of Russian soldiers are only seen by him as failures. He views their loss as the price their Russian mothers must pay for their sons’ disgrace.

Getty images.
Getty Images.

Putin doesn’t fear nuclear war. He only fears a World in which he was defeated by Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people are a weapon.

Ukrainian soldiers possess something Russian troops lack: Heart. They’re motivated by their love of land, love of family, and love of freedom. Much like mothers lifting vehicles off of their children, the Ukrainian soldiers have made herculean efforts to lift Putin’s foot off of their necks.

Getty images.

Stop volunteering other people for war.

Most Americans support the U.S. creating a no-fly zone over Ukraine. But most Americans don’t have a dog in the fight.

We don’t have the luxury of sending someone else’s child to war.

Fairly or not, military mothers calculate the risk of losing our sons and daughters before we choose to support public calls for any U.S. military involvement.

Ukraine is a Goliath.

Russian forces have failed miserably to destroy the determination of the Ukrainian people to remain free. Putin believed he would easily pummel the Ukrainian people into submission. Instead, Putin awoke a giant of a nation that refuses to be knocked around.

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